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Gear Punk

I am labeling a temporary name as a company in terms of the game. I'm thinking of Gear Punk.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Recap and Update

The World
I thought it would be best to those who are viewing the project for the first time to get an idea about the world for Cursed Books.

The game takes place in a land called 'Tiera.' There are 3 countries in control here. Diligent, a country in the south that is still ruled by monarchy with a heavy tax system in place, yet a very prosperous land for the rich and wealthy. Twan, a country to the north that runs on democracy; A land of soldiers, farmers and inventors with ingenuity turning the gears of their nation and lastly, Yovo, a country to the west between Twan and Diligent, A peaceful country bound to old ways. Farmers, bakers and all sorts though afraid of war and destruction; so they're a little country, however they still favor technology and anything it benefits to them.

Currently, there is a war brewing between two factions in the land of Tiera, Twan and Diligent, constantly fighting for control over each others territory continent. Whilst their war rages on, the antagonist carrying the 'Book of Chains' plots to control all of diligent in order to control all of Tiera.

 Twan The Country of Ingenuity:
This democratic society marches forward on progress; creating steam tanks, guns, electricity, generators, simple automobiles, mech's and machines, the list goes on! It is not a wealthy country, though it advances everyday with a new invention or idea each mechanic or company develops for the progress of human kind. Twan has 4 capital cities that stand out above the other villages and towns within their nation.

-Graysburg: The most military advanced city in the country. Here, tanks, siege vehicles and weapons for infantry are produced in large quantities. 52% of Twan's weapons come from Graysburg than any other town in the country. Its also Twan's largest military setup where they train their soldiers constantly in order to prepare them with ab infantry training facility and the Dragoon corps, where soldiers are trained harder in order to perform the most ridiculous and insane missions..

-Jivet: Twan's Largest city in the country. Every teen looking to further his education after going through grade school make their way to Jivet to educate him or herself from one of the 8 colleges, ranging from science and biology to physics to steam work and mechanics. During the evening, the city itself lights up with neon lights with a handful of casino's, a night club and theater district and just a lot more to do. Jivet is more for the denizens in the middle/higher class citizen folk. It's also here where Twan's representatives, The Council, reside and handle the government throughout Twan. Every 3 years, A nation wide election is held to place new councilmen into office and replace the those who have served their 2 terms, forfeit their position or have been veto'ed.
~Jivet University: College of Science and Physics
~Atlas University: College of Machines and Development
~Kore Community College: College of Greater Education involving all fields of study
~Yuva University: College of Biology and Marine Life
~Plut Community College: College of Agriculture and Steam Works
~Quote University: College of Art and Culture
~Nova Technical: College of Business
~Lilit University: College of Invention and Politics

-Ireta: This city is located near the south of Twan on the ocean front. Constantly build warships, trade ships, fishing ships and so on; they have prioritized themselves with producing water crafts of various sorts to help them get around their world. Aside from Jivet, they have more casino's setup to drain money in order to pump funds into the shipyards as they prepare Twan's military for war.

-Platue Kine:
A large section of Twan dedicated to livestock and crops; a farmer's capital to be exact. Travelers, artists and inventors stop by this place constantly to gather information, purchase food and get together with family. Its a city of hard workers that put their blood and sweat into their work and defend it at all cost's.

Diligent The Country of Kings:
A monarchy based society that classify themselves the superior beings to both Yovo and Twan. Diligent's government runs on a set of 3 kings that control the most land to where they can decide the laws on how Diligent can be governed. There are 5 Major Kingdoms in Diligent.

-Kar: The 5th largest kingdom in Diligent. They train their troops to watch the borders of their land and defend their peasants as if they were children. Unlike the other's, Kar treats their citizens with very much respect and prosper with the support of their people.

-Wettle: The 2nd Largest Kingdom in Diligent, their castle and towns placed high up in the mountains. They constantly research medicine to cure any ailment and rely heavily on trade to keep the kingdom in good shape with food among other supplies. They tax their peasants heavily, however health care in Wettle remains free; A citizen catching a cold could see a doctor to get better and not be charged for a bottle of pills even!

-Crisk: The Largest Kingdom in Diligent and the most advanced by far. Researching more complex vehicles like air planes and blimps, they attempt to control the skies over all of Tiera. The peasants in Crisk are very well educated; at the end of their education, they must choose between serving the military or developing for it. Those that flunk out of school are given a patch of land to grow crops and tend livestock to supply the kingdom with food. By their education standards and the demands of what they want out of everyone, 63% of every class flunks while the remaining 37% decide where they should go.

-Sharrel: The 3rd largest Kingdom in Diligent and the most friendly to all of Tiera, even to Twan! Located on the ocean shores up north, they barter with both Yovo and Twan with tropical foods and fruits in exchange for raw materials such as wood, metal, glass and stone. Even during wartime, this kingdom prefers to keep out of war and act independently between the 3 countries without taking sides. Between the 3 kings that govern Diligent, the king hailing from this kingdom acts as the voice of reason and beckons for peaceful solutions.

-Hummo: The 4th largest kingdom in diligent, known as the kingdom for the people. Taxes are not heavy and housing remains reasonably fair. The kingdom supports itself on trade from Sharrel and Wettle while merchants from all over diligent gather here to purchase materials to either make or break their own business while living under their king's law. This kingdom is also known as the richest of the 5; although they don't tax their peasants heavily, they charge merchants for transactions going in and out of the kingdom; since this is a hub for all of Diligent's merchants, the kings treasury fills up quickly.

Yovo The Country of Life: Small for its size, Yovo runs as a democracy, similar to Twan. Yovo remains peaceful and does not intertwine itself with the affairs of Twan and Diligent, so they deprive themselves of war and have made a pact with Twan and Diligent; To leave their people alone and in turn, they would supply both countries with whatever they produce in order to assist them both through the seasons that come. The country makes their living by trading between the two countries in terms of raw materials in exchange for the food and wine they produce daily. To help further assist Yovo, Twan and Diligent setup two small military bases, one north and one south to help fend off thieves, raiders and bandits that may attempt to harass Yovo; The occupying troops cannot fight each other as apart of their agreement to keep the bases operational and cannot receive or act on orders from both countries to drag Yovo into war. There are only 2 capitals in Yovo.

-Kuva: This capital is known for its education and training. While young minds travel here to learn from the eldest and most wise, the most athletic prepare themselves for sports such as martial arts, hiking, baseball, football and other sports. Kuva also houses its own council to help them govern their small country.

-Ellu: This capital is located far east, setting up as a trade depo between the two nations. Sending ships back and forth containing food and other supplies. Neither nation will attack a trade ship from Yovo; less they no longer want their business, even during war times with demand for food becomes very high. It's also in Ellu where the most farmland is located; In terms when crops come in, they can be shipped out immediately.

I have been putting some of my skills as an artist working with bits and pixels to come up with my first character.

Born and Raised in the country of Twan. He grew up before the war under the care of a hard working mother and l fatherless by age 10. Taking an interest in invention, he educates himself day by day working to improve his knowledge of machines and gear. As later devices and vehicles are invented, he starts working a engine to assist in transporting siege weapons. Walking home from the junkyard with a set of parts to help complete his project is when he encountered the being and the 'Drifters' book was thrust upon him. The morning following, Talos took notice to a subtle change within himself, where he then took notice when his power first took form, his wrench, freezing over the metal until it encased the bolt and the wrench itself in ice. From here, his journey to understand his curse, his new found power and his book begins.

Anyone from the roleplay that thinks they can re-create their character, There is a template below that I'm using currently. If anyone thinks I should change the format of character sprites used, writer your thoughts in the comment box and post it.


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Cursed Books
This blog is dedicated to a self done project based on a board role-play I have posted over and over again, gaining fans and admirers to the role play. I have decided to turn it into a game and use this blog as a website to post its development. The forum board based on this role play will be linked to it as well.

What is Cursed Books?

The series is based off a collection of books out in the world. Each book containing a dreaded curse to torment the victims life and in return, the book grants its victim power. A power that grows that can be used to help others, or to end all things as we know it. Whatever the victim decides.

The story's objective is to hunt down the owner of the 'Book of Chains' and defeat him, so he or she is the main antagonist. The owner of the 'Chains' book does not suffer a curse, instead, he or she can slightly alter the destinies and change the outcome of anything by a small degree of all those around him or her and the cursed book owners; as well as use their powers. The draw back for using their powers is the owner must suffer the same curse the book owner is undergoing while using this power and can only use its degree of strength the original owner can reach.

The victim can be rid of his or her curse he or she simply lives their life. Every book is blank, front to back; And every eventful moment the victim lives or adversity the victim overcomes, the book records as a testament to their life. When a book is full of the victims life, front to back, the victim is free of their curse and keeps the power they were given without having to suffer the consequences they have lived through. Even then, this is very difficult to do, with the antagonist making their life difficult and even sometimes impeding their progress as they hunt him or her down.

The Game
The game is being created with RPG Maker VX ACE, thus it will be an RPG. The game's story and characters however will be strongly based on one of the forums I have published the role play too. The game will be published and sold off when its complete.
Creative Commons License
Cursed Books by Patrick D. England is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at