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Cursed Books
This blog is dedicated to a self done project based on a board role-play I have posted over and over again, gaining fans and admirers to the role play. I have decided to turn it into a game and use this blog as a website to post its development. The forum board based on this role play will be linked to it as well.

What is Cursed Books?

The series is based off a collection of books out in the world. Each book containing a dreaded curse to torment the victims life and in return, the book grants its victim power. A power that grows that can be used to help others, or to end all things as we know it. Whatever the victim decides.

The story's objective is to hunt down the owner of the 'Book of Chains' and defeat him, so he or she is the main antagonist. The owner of the 'Chains' book does not suffer a curse, instead, he or she can slightly alter the destinies and change the outcome of anything by a small degree of all those around him or her and the cursed book owners; as well as use their powers. The draw back for using their powers is the owner must suffer the same curse the book owner is undergoing while using this power and can only use its degree of strength the original owner can reach.

The victim can be rid of his or her curse he or she simply lives their life. Every book is blank, front to back; And every eventful moment the victim lives or adversity the victim overcomes, the book records as a testament to their life. When a book is full of the victims life, front to back, the victim is free of their curse and keeps the power they were given without having to suffer the consequences they have lived through. Even then, this is very difficult to do, with the antagonist making their life difficult and even sometimes impeding their progress as they hunt him or her down.

The Game
The game is being created with RPG Maker VX ACE, thus it will be an RPG. The game's story and characters however will be strongly based on one of the forums I have published the role play too. The game will be published and sold off when its complete.

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